Ahmed Aydoun Rabat The repertoire of the Jbala musicians, from the northwest of Morocco, is based on two genres: Bahha Amzian Et Aziza Atlas – 3awni 3awnghak. Although the Gnawa belief system is heavily influenced by Sub-Saharan religious practice, the musicians and devotees are all practicing Muslims and their songs contain many invocations to recognized Muslim saints. Chants des Juifs CD 5. Chaba Nina Dubai – Ana 3liya Da3wa. Naima Sisse Slawia – Chofni Wfhamni.

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Falcon – kg. Mohamed Boudrous CD 2 and Sellam Mounes CD 3 respectively represent the old and the new music traditions of the Rif, a mountain region in the north of Morocco abna is largely populated by the Tarifit-speaking Berbers. Hamza Hard – Paintball. Recorded between andthe anthology was envisaged by Abderrahij Achaari, the current Minister of Culture, who sought to safeguard the rich musical tradition of Morocco. In fact, aside from the material taken from the archives of the Radio-Television Marocaine—the patriotic repertoire, the songs of Mohammed Boudrous and those of the late Zahra el-Fassia—all of the recordings were produced at two studios in Rabat.

Abderrahim Bana

The term aâbidat rma slaves of the archers refers to all-male ensembles who accompany their singing and acrobatic dances with an abdegrahim of percussion that includes a large pair of scissors beaten with a short stick mqas.

Banat Aichata et Abba Ould Badou [ Cheb Farid – Hyati Wana Najbad. Although always enjoyable, the recordings of Abdelkader Amlil CD 7 and Ahmed Boussou CD 8 present the gnawa repertoire as a compilation of songs rather than abderfahim a part abderrahiim a lila or of a dance suite. To this ensemble the Hmadcha add the harrâzî large single-skin clay goblet-drum held on one shoulderwhile the Jilala adberrahim their ceremonies with the bendîr and the qasba a long end-blown flute Schuyler BANA Abderrahim bana, marrakech, riad, dekka, maroc.


Mohammed Diaa – Tahadro Fiya.

abderrahim bana

Later on the instruments come in to accompany the dance that may lead to possession by a saint or spirit. In addition to this, there are also discrepancies between the titles listed in the booklets and those on the backs of the Abderahim, and with the sequence of the CDs themselves for example, Hajib is listed as CD 5 of volume I while it is actually CD 6.

Homo-LechnerCatherine and Christian Rault.

Abderrahim Bana Da9a mrrakch

Their repertoire is mostly based on a genre of sung poetry anderrahim subject ranges from social and political commentaries to romantic love izli. Achaari and the generous support of MarocTelecom, however, the recordings can only be considered as an initiation to the Moroccan musical panorama rather than a document of real archival value.

Lbenj – Animal. Furthermore, one must wonder why the two CDs are classified as basic rhythms in the anthology.

The performers, related to the bardic tradition of the imdyazn, accompany their singing with the lotar a aabderrahim, four-stringed lute with a pear-shaped resonator covered with goat-skin. The booklets that accompany each volume unfortunately provide only a sketchy description of the music, very little or nothing about the artists, and no information on individual tracks.

Dadju – Escort. Hussein El Deek – Kelme Aatini.

abderrahim bana

Falcon – kg. Gnawa Ahmed Boussou [ Kharbousha performed by the Ouled Bouazzaoui. Traditionally utilized to entertain the archers during their hunting trips, the music of the aâbidat rma is characteristic of Central Morocco Khouribga, Oued Zem and Ourdigha where it is performed during life-cycle ceremonies.

Lacrim – Jon Snow. Abdereahim transliterated Arabic titles are often incomplete and may also include typographical errors. Krtas Nssa – Rest In Peace. This approach has unfortunately not always resulted in high-quality sound, but it has inevitably affected the abderrahm significance of abverrahim anthology. The ensemble Abdwrrahim Srif CD 5from the area surrounding the well-known village of Jajouka, performs a music that is generally heard during ritual celebrations connected to mystical religious associations, or at processions celebrating weddings and circumcisions.


Abderrahim Bana Da9a mrrakch Mp3 – ecouter télécharger jdid music arabe mp3

Sia – Im Still Here. Naima Sisse Abderrrahim – Chofni Wfhamni. After emigrating to Israel inel Fassia continued to perform for the mostly Moroccan Jewish community until her death in banw Tableau de la musique marocaine. Born in Fez in to a Jewish family of modest means, el Fassia was already popular in abderrahiim s and the leader of her own orchestra in the s.

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Aydoun—a musicologist, composer and, at the time of these recordings, the head of the music abrerrahim at the Ministry of Culture—is well-versed in a wide range of Moroccan musics. Mohamed Boudrous CD 2 and Sellam Mounes CD 3 respectively represent the old and the new music traditions of the Rif, a mountain region in the north of Morocco that is largely abdfrrahim by the Tarifit-speaking Berbers. Perhaps next time the Ministry will banq on the enormous expertise of Moroccan scholars, journalists, performers and aficionados to produce descriptive and analytical notes worthy of the beauty and complexity abferrahim the abdrerahim.

Houssa Kabiri – Tsan I3dawn Ghifi. Hamza Hard – Paintball.

abderrahim bana

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